Tuesday, April 5, 2011

i can't think of a title that will do this post justice.

My son walked in the family room this morning.
He assumed a stance similar to Hulk Hogan's right before he rips his shirt off.
Instead of putting his hands on his chest he put them on his hips.
With one swipe he ripped the tabs of his diaper and wiggled his booty.
I watched it fall to the floor and I realized it was not clean.
With poop all over I sprung into action.
I got him all wiped off and went to the garbage can to throw away the nastiness.

I walked back into the family room, looked around and he was gone.

I walked on the porch and found this.

I had my phone in my hand so I was able to snap a pic for you all.
Apparently my son can climb up on our patio table now.



  1. I am so so glad that you capture these stories in a blog! I love them!

  2. this is the best!! What's in his hand? Poisonous bug spray of some sort?

  3. Lo - you'll be happt to know it was a baby safe bottle of bubbles.....please disregard the bottle of Windex and the meat tongs for the grill behind him. And you can't be mad at me for that.....the table was safe.....up until today.

  4. Ya know - it's kinda funny that I remember an adorable little girl we found halfway up the stone wall surrounding the fireplace and who stripped down in the middle of the kid's department at Burdines and was once discovered on top of the refrigerator!! Paybacks baby girl, paybacks!!!

  5. You have your hands full! You get through it somehow. They are absolutely adorable. Enjoy them!
    My oldest is 16 and it seems like yesterday, he was doing the same thing!
    I'm a new follower from the hop!
    Hope you can hop by and visit me:

  6. Found your blog through Spearmint Baby and I'm cracking up. They are hilarious and adorable, gives me some insight into what's in store!

  7. Your kids are so adorable! How funny!