Tuesday, March 22, 2011

stream of consciousness

n., pl., streams of consciousness.
  1. A literary technique that presents the thoughts and feelings of a character as they occur.

i spent all last monday night in after hours pediatrics with a blue lipped boy, struggling to breath that wouldn't respond to breathing treatments.

he has rsv and the flu.
i was having meltdown after meltdown. i couldn't hold him any more and the treatments made him cray cray. I called Matt at 9:30 to meet me there.

as soon as he got there he took the boy and within minutes he was responding to the treatments and his oxygen was better.

um. what? i change your diapers kid. you ruined MY boobs, not his, and this is how you repay me?

the doctor couldn't understand........and neither could i. but, we got to go home.

we have been doing breathing treatments every four hours and taking lots of medicine.

he was thisclose to being admitted to the hospital but apparently he and his dad had a talk, he rallied and we went home.

fortunately we are finally on the mend. finally.

moving on to other streams.

i put the twins down for a nap.
i went in 20 minutes later.
colton had no pants.
chloe had colton's blanket.
colton had chloe's paci.
colton's paci was no where to be found.
chloe's blanket was on the floor in front of colton's crib.

i realize i haven't written about baby number three.

as a matter of fact, i haven't even announced baby three's gender.

i apparently am becoming am that token third child mom.

i will change that and write a post showering baby number three with attention.

and if you are reading this baby number three rumor has it that i will be too tired to raise you so you will probably end up being able to do a lot more than the twins all with a later curfew. so there is that to look forward to.

i haven't had many cravings but pie crust, not pie, just pie crust remains a constant. the coffee, tomato sauce/juice/soup, fresh market chicken salad with sliced olives, macaroni and cheese and martini cravings come and go.

i am 21 weeks and have gained 12 pounds. 10 of which were last month. wth.

sometimes i forget i am pregnant. except for when i want a martini, then i remember.
chloe now answers the following.....what does a sheep/cow/monkey say. so cute.

they both now throw things just so they can say uh oh. It is the most annoying and the cutest thing you have ever seen in your life......especially when they both uh oh for each other.

we don't have a name for baby three.

i am going to try this thing called meal you guys do it? my husband says it saves money. we're going to give it a shot.

i am really down to cut coupons but how come they don't makes coupons for healthy fresh food?

is it true you aren't supposed to refrigerate tomatoes? if so, why?

i need to read to read to my kids more. it's so hard because they won't sit still and would really rather throw the books instead of looking at them.

i can't wait for the pool to be warm enough for us to swim. i think the pool will be key in staying sane throughout this pregnancy.

i think i've said this a million times but my kids start bobbing their heads anytime music comes on.
nothin' sweeter.

i don't think i've even done a post about chloe walking???? she started about a month and a half ago. oops.

i sweep or vacuum three times a day. it's still not enough. it makes me angry.

i'm feeling very springy and decided to spice things up around here on the chizeap.
i bought a tablecloth, cut it up and decided to make pillow covers.
i didn't have a pattern and just went with it.
i botched it.

here is the back......too short.

and here is the front.
it's inside out.
i guess i will not be supplementing our income with my mad seamstress skills.

i really want to plant a garden. is it too late?

i think i know what i want to do for the baby's nursery but i'm sure i'll change my mind 642 more times so it's not even worth giving you guys a lil sneaky peaky.

i'm leaving friday for georgia without my husband and kids.
it's my brother-in-laws, sister's wedding.
whoa. ya got that?
we are all close.
it is going to be one of those weddings you know is fun.
i won't be partying like a rockstar, i have a baby in my belly.

do you guys think emily and brad are still together?

i haven't been tending to my blog as of late. i feel like i get too behind and then it's stressful knowing i have to catch up.

i think doing stream of conciousness posts will be the answer to when i feel that way.


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  2. Do You Have to Store Tomatoes in the Fridge?

    Question: As soon as I get home from the grocery store, I always put my tomatoes in the crisper section of the refrigerator. Is that the best place for them?

    Answer: No — in fact, you should always store whole tomatoes at room temperature until they’re fully ripe.
    As the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention notes, storage conditions below 55° Fahrenheit (like you'll find in your fridge) damage the quality of tomatoes. At those chilly temperatures, the flavor-producing enzymes that are normally present as a tomato ripens stop working. And you wind up with a less tasty tomato.
    Once your tomatoes are fully ripe, you can extend their shelf life for two to three more days by placing them in the fridge. Try to bring them back to room temperature before serving.
    After you've cut into a whole tomato, you should refrigerate any leftovers right away. As noted here, they'll keep well for a few days in the fridge; you can also freeze them for later use in cooked dishes.

  3. Oh, and they only make easily accessible coupons available for unhealthy, boxed foods. Check for Annie's goodies ... they're usually cheaper than the store.

    If you want healthy coupons you have to go on a hunt across the internet. How much is your time worth?

  4. Whoa! Big Ham! I feel so much smarter! Thanks!

  5. I don't have a name for baby boy number 3 yet and I am a week and a half away from the third trimester...HELLO! Tom keeps asking if this kid will have a name! I am doing nothing really to prepare for this baby, he will get what is already don't you feel bad!! Love you!

  6. Hahahaha.....text me your name list. I can't wait to hear them. xoxo

  7. NEVER put your tomatoes in the refrigerator-- it changes the taste of them into yuck----

    Yes, they do have coupons for fresh stuff, usually in conjunction with something else. You can get frozen veggies (especially in the steamer bags) that are great to have on hand when you have run out of fresh. Go to the market with the ideas for 4 or 5 meals--I usually buy the meat and then have several sides that I can use. I keep standard things so if I just don't feel like peas, I have a back up on hand. My pantry is pretty full but then I have been cooking for a long time!
    Read while the twinks are in bed and when they get a little bigger, while they are in the bath tub! But read every chance you get because children need all the language they can get (and not WTH, by the way--Because they will repeat it in the most inopportune time!!!!)

    Love you all--- you've got time to paint, decide a name, sew--- just enjoy the minutes while they are small. Aunt Teri

  8. I always put my maters in the fridge but Ryan's mom told me not too. I also heard not to put onions in the fridge...Whatev.

    p.s I like your pillow cases Kelle! :-)

  9. I think I just heard Emily and Brad broke up. Tragic, but not surprising.
    I didn't name Penelope until she was 2 days old and Thad later on in the day after he was born. You're fine. :)
    Love yer blog.

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